Friday, March 19, 2010

Handcrafters of Miniatures Show

Our Handcrafters of Miniatures Spring Show in Dedham, MA was a success with all of our vendors showing up, and many customers, considering the terrible weather we were experiencing last weekend in New England. With downpours, wind and flooding - not the best conditions when moving your delicate pieces trying to keep them from getting wet or blowing away !!!

But all went well and by bringing my "fish tank" again - now elaborated on - makes for an attention getter at my table and opens up new conversations with total strangers about their fish, pets, collections, and experiences.

Must show a few new pictures of my fish tank with live baby Swordtails.


  1. Oh, my goodness! I enlarged the pix and the fish look absolutely real! For a moment . . . . Unbelievable! And the kitties are cute too. But the fish are absolutely spot on!!!!!


  2. You have a wonderful blog . I love you products and your attitude and can't wait to get my glasses. crates will be next!

  3. Your aquarium is AMAZING ! The fish from what I could see appear real ! How on earth did you accomplish it? Awesome job ... and blog !